The Naked Wedding Cake – My Story

My first ever Naked wedding cake was nearly 3 years ago, commissioned by one of the pop band members of The Feeling, no pressure then!


The venue was in a private school located in Somerset and what a magnificent venue and setting. The views where outstanding.
The couple decided on a four tier Naked Wedding Cake, filled with strawberries, chantilly cream and strawberry coulis.
With over a 100 guests attending, timing is crucial for the set up off the Naked Wedding Cake due to the use of fresh cream, the cakes have to be eaten within a set period of time, ( Food hygiene regs).So they are being assembled when most Bride & Grooms are making their wedding vowels.
When a naked wedding cake is for a venue some distance away from me I do all the assembly on the premises, for this wedding I was working amongst the caterers, busy preparing the wedding breakfast. And they worked extremely quiet and methodical and you feel the pressure amongst them.
When making a wedding cake I tend to just loose myself in the moment, just focusing on what job has to be done next, ever aware of the ticking clock.
When all the assembling was complete the cake was taken on a trolley into the great hall where the wedding breakfast was being held, and with my bucket full of fresh roses I started the decoration. 40 roses were used for this cake, looking at the picture at a glance you would probably think there was about 10!
I can honestly say the last rose was positioned as the guests started emerging into the wedding breakfast hall, where they were watching and admiring the process.
When decorating a naked wedding cake, the flowers and fresh fruits are carefully positioned around the cake, where I balance the colours, size of the flowers and fruits. This is soo important to the final display.
The naked wedding cake was served as a dessert, drizzled with fruit coulis and I was even invited to the wedding breakfast, eating the cake I had made amongst the guests. This was rather nerve racking, but the naked wedding cake was extremely well received.
I finished my day celebrating this beautiful wedding with their other guests, which included Sophie Ellis Baxter, who provided fantastic music through out the evening. I really got to appreciate how she is in the music industry, the mix of music was so diverse but worked amazingly.
The Naked Wedding Cake has become an extremely popular choice of wedding cake, its beauty blending so well into the Rustic and Vintage style weddings and being served as a delicious dessert for the Wedding Breakfast, where  cake be accompanied with fresh fruit couli, summer fruits, ice cream or cream.
For a Rustic look, the Naked wedding cake can be displayed on a ‘Tree Trunk’ style cake stand, decorated with fresh flowers and fruits.
I have been privileged ever since this Naked Wedding Cake order to do  many more and it is definitely one of my favourites. My naked wedding cakes can be seen on my website Naked Wedding Cakes and here are a selection below.
If you are considering having a Naked Wedding Cake for your wedding, please feel free to contact me for any advice on portion sizes, number of wedding cake tiers or my prices. My contact email is here or call me directly on 07933707138.
Best Wishes

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