Naked Wedding Cake Designs


The super popular ‘Naked Wedding Cake’ brings your Rustic wedding to life, filled with delicious chantilly cream, fruit coulis and fresh fruits, decorated with fresh flowers.

I am an absolute favourite of this beautiful, and very stylish wedding cake.

Great wedding cakes to serve as dessert, accompanied with fresh cream, ice cream and a fresh fruit coulis.

The Naked Wedding Cake looks stunning set of on glass cake stands or for the more rustic and natural look a tree trunk, which I can provide.

I set up every Naked Wedding cake and finish the final decoration at your venue, where I can provide the flowers myself or some Brides order extra from their florist to ensure they match those of their wedding day, or even grow your own!

The flowers on the Naked Wedding Cake below were all home grown, Sweet Peas, Cornflowers and Carnations.


1620947_595369203906392_6423892625997483125_n(1) IMAG0129 thumb_IMG_20150416_134823


I have written a blog about my Naked Wedding Cakes, you can read about it here or see more of my Naked Wedding Cakes on my website

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