Wedding Cakes

Your Wedding Cake

Wedding Cakes are an historical part of weddings, they provide a great photograph for the Bride & Groom, give a fantastic focal point at your wedding breakfast, combining all your styles and colours and taste great too!

The ritual of the wedding cake in Britain can be traced back to medieval times, when it would have been made of wheat and, bizarrely, thrown at the bride as a symbol of fertility.

I’m not sure we would appreciate the wedding cake being thrown at us today.

 Your Wedding Cake Design is unique to you and your wedding day and I will work closely with you to ensure you have the flavours and design to compliment your wedding day.

 All wedding cake designs can be changed in colour, shape or how the cakes are displayed.

I have designed wedding cakes using a variety of decorations such as jewellery, feathers, fresh flowers, as well as sugar flowers. I am always happy to work with you on your own ideas and regularly sketch wedding cake designs to show how your ideas can come together.


I constantly research Wedding cake information to ensure I am also aware of changing fashions, which helps me guide the Bride & Groom with their Wedding Cake.

When I first started my wedding cake design business, wedding cup cakes were still new and I was delighted at being able to offer a uniqueness to a wedding day giving surprise to not only the Bride and Groom, but to the wedding guests as well.

Wedding cup cakes today come in all colours and designs and I still enjoy the uniqueness my wedding cup cakes bring to a wedding day.

As with my Wedding Cake I will work closely with you to ensure the flavours and design enhance your wedding day.

Read all About Me or see more of my designs on my website

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